College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Testing

Eastern Virginia Career College CLEP Test Center Code 2725

Thank you for your interest in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Eastern Virginia Career College is a registered CLEP test site, able to administer any of 33 different CLEP examinations, for college credits accepted at 2900 schools across the country.  For information about CLEP credits accepted at EVCC, please see CLEP testing guidelines and policy.

You can create and manage your personal account online: http://clep.collegeboard.org/register/exam.  The registration platform will allow you to register for a CLEP exam 24/7, manage your personal information any time prior to taking the exam, select your score recipient institution, and purchase study materials.

Registering for an exam provides you with a payment receipt and a Ticket ID, but you must use the form below to schedule your test at EVCC.  In addition to the $80 exam fee paid to CLEP when you register, there is a non-refundable $20.00 administrative fee payable to EVCC on the day of the test.  MasterCard, Visa, checks, and cash are accepted.

CLEP exams are administered by EVCC at 4 pm on the second Wednesday of each month.  Plan to arrive no later than 3:45 p.m.  Please note that CLEP requires you to bring three things to the test center on the day of the test:  a print out of your CLEP Examination Registration Ticket, and two forms of ID (one ID must have a photo and both IDs must have a signature).  For specific information on acceptable forms of ID, see the CLEP website at http://clep.collegeboard.org/exam-day-info.  You can schedule your exam using the form below.

A confirmation email will be sent to the address that you specified above. Please check your spam/junk folder if you have not received a reply within 24 hours.

Additional Useful Information

For questions regarding ‘My Account’ or the CLEP Exam Registration Ticket, please contact CLEP Services at (800) 257-9558, (212) 237-1331, or clep@info.collegeboard.org.

Candidates must pay their test administration fee to/at the test center directly. Please bring the test administration fee on test day. MasterCard, Visa, checks, and cash are all acceptable forms of payment for the fee.

Please bring the following items on test day:

1) CLEP Exam Registration Ticket,

2) Test administration fee of $20,

3) Acceptable and valid photo identification. The name on the ID must exactly match the name printed on the ticket. Review your ticket before test day. Please contact CLEP Services at (800) 257-9558 or (212) 237-1331 to reconcile any differences,

4) If you are taking a language test then we recommend that you bring your own earphones.

Cell phones and other devices and materials are not allowed in the test center. Refer to the information printed on your ticket for details.

No tutorials or background questions are presented prior to the exam. Candidates can view tutorials prior to their test day on the CLEP website.

All candidates who require accommodations should register via ‘My Account’. However, please note that you will not be able to choose your accommodations during registration. Candidates will be required and advised to contact Eastern Virginia Career College prior to registration to ensure that the test center is prepared to provide the needed accommodations once your request for accommodations is approved.

If you require a paper-and-pencil form of an examination, you must contact EVCC well in advance of when you need to test and submit documentation from a qualified professional describing the required accommodations.

If you are not attending EVCC then you must submit a description of the accommodation needed to a test center administrator. This documentation should be from an administrator at the school in which you are enrolled, or an appropriate health-care provider, and must be on official letterhead. The test center will determine appropriate accommodations for you based on the requirements for supporting documentation.